Shoreline 800 GPH Automatic Bilge Pump
Bilge pumps have universal mounting base allowing pumps to snap into competitors bases without modification to mounting holes or position. All pumps are ignition protected and meet USCG requirements.
34.99 34.99 USD
Shoreline 5/8" Brass Baitwell Plugs
Stainless steel plates with adjustable brass cam snap. Provides a tight, leak-proof seal in most drains.
7.99 7.99 USD
Shoreline 4 Piece Light Bulb Assortment
Includes a 2.5 volt bulb for portable stern and bow light. #90 bulb for auto, marine interior, bow/stern light, #1157 bulb for auto park, tail light and signal lights and #1004 All Round Lights. #58, #90, #1004, #1157
4.99 4.99 USD
Shoreline Brass Coupler Lock
Heat treated screw type trailer coupler lock. Solid construction. Solid brass with stainless steel pin. Two keys Included.
8.49 8.49 USD
Shoreline Battery Clips
Color coded, 3", copper plated, 15 Amp, spring loaded battery clips that are commonly used for aerators and portable lights. Red positive and black negative grips for easy identification. Crimp wire connection, sold in pairs.
3.99 3.99 USD
Shoreline 6" Galvanized Cleat
Cast Iron galvanized cleats with 2 mounting holes. Great for docks or decks.
4.09 4.09 USD
Shoreline Universal Primer Bulb
Made from tough climate tested rubber, spring loaded double check valves, stainless steel hose clamps and featuring Speed Prime- technology. Fits both 5/16" and 3/8" fuel lines EPA compliant.
27.99 27.990000000000002 USD
Shoreline Yamaha Male Tank Connector
Quick connect resin fitting for Yamaha® engines
Female with 3/8" hose barb. 2 Prong brass tank fitting.
Male 1/4" NPT threaded end. Accepts Yamaha® fuel fitting.
6.99 6.99 USD
Shoreline Johnson/Evinrude Male Tank Connector
Quick connect resin fitting for Johnson® / Evinrude® engines. Male 1/4" NPT threaded end. Accepts Johnson®/ Evinrude® fuel fitting.
7.99 7.99 USD
Shoreline Universal Motor Flusher
Universal dual flow motor flusher. Works on most outboards and inboard 1/O's. Provides water to both sides of the water intake. Great for flushing contaminants and salt deposits from cooling system. Also allows idling for engine adjustments when out of the water. Requires no tools for installation or removal.
6.99 6.99 USD
Shoreline Large Motor Flusher
Rectangular Motor Flusher designed to fit larger outboards. Flush contaminants and salt deposits from cooling system and allows idling for engine adjustments when out of the water. Install In seconds us,ng a garden hose. Requires no tools for installation or removal.
8.99 8.99 USD
Shoreline Stretch Dock Line
White three strand twisted nylon. Designed to absorb shock in moving waters, reliable and resists mildew and rot. 12" Eye splice. Can be stored wet or dry.
15.49 15.49 USD
Shoreline Portable LED Clamp-On Bow Light
A great solution to install lighting for night boating, this Navigation Boat Light Kit is portable and easy to install and use. The battery-operated kit is among essential boat accessories for navigation purposes.

Easy to install

Battery operated. Requires 3 "AAA" batteries (not included)

Optional mounting positions
22.99 22.990000000000002 USD
Shoreline 11" All-Round Light
All-round fold down 11" navigation stern/anchor light. The anodized aluminum pole resist the elements, with the twist of a thumb screw the light can be lowered out of the way. Mounts on flat surface or angled windshield, 360º visible globe.


Includes windshield base
Aluminum pole
Low profile base
compact fold down design
High impact construction
19.99 19.990000000000002 USD
Shoreline Galvanized Anchor Chain
Complete your anchor system with corrosion resistant hot-dipped galvanized anchor chain. Oversized end links.
17.99 17.990000000000002 USD

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